A distant friend of mine once said: “A way to step up to prejudice is to walk around blindfolded.” I found those words to be compelling and eye opening. I thoroughly enjoy exploring these ideas further, what do you think? Walk with me and imagine how different things could be.

Our world would massively CHANGE without our sense of vision. All the stereotypes, judgments and perceptions we carry around every day would be dramatically impacted upon. Just think, all of our thoughts, words and actions would take on new meaning. If we couldn’t see the color of a person’s skin, the clothes their wear, if we didn’t notice their body language and natural gestures we would have to rely on the quality, intonation, pitch and intensity of their voice. Instead of being clouding by our misunderstandings or limited perceptions and beliefs; I believe their words would have a much deeper meaning.
knowing that, we would listen more attentively rather than passively as many of us unconsciously do.

Do you realize that when a person can express themselves more effectively this would instill a feeling of consistent confidence within…as you would say to yourself “what I have to say is important”, therefore I am important? Do you realize what a powerful and liberating feeling this would human beings? Being acknowledged for what you have to say is so satisfying because you know you are listened to with a deeper sense of understanding. Doesn’t this blow your mind? People will get you! There would be much less reason for misunderstandings and confusion.

Communication is a basis of life, and when that changes, life itself changes. The domino effect would be enormous around the world. I get chills just thinking about it…
The need for war, violence and a breakdown of the human spirit would not even be thought of, as we would understand each other more fully, therefore we have no need to “want something or someone else” to attain our own sense of well being. We would all be very confident in our mind, body and spirit, loving ourselves just as we are. We would emulate a sense of self worth and have no need to hurt another to gain “something else”.
Because when we have the need to “hurt” someone it only shows the cry for help within ourselves, as we lack the true understand of who we really are.

How wonderful it can be to would walk in your own grace- honoring yourself and everything one else you touch with peace, love, joy, and compassion. Life would show up easily and effortlessly; we could shine as a beautiful expression of who we are…

Early on in life

Feeling deeply and completely loved as a young child maybe; just maybe throughout the transition to young adult hood we would not turn to addiction to fill the void within ourselves. Kids would not be cruel to one another because they would already realize how their words and actions can damage someone else’s young spirit. Even people who have positions of authority could send their messages with truth and honesty demonstrating value and purpose. Then, the once thought of blinders of greed, money, and anger would not cross anyone’s mind because we would all live and love knowing true power and happiness is a choice and not a something to be “attained,” as it already resides with on us.

Do you wonder how the world would look? The paradigm shift would be enormous, and the domino effect would unravel so many life altering disempowering patterns we have developed for ourselves. Doesn’t this sound live heaven? I think it does. But I also know we don’t have to wait to get there. We can create a story for ourselves, one that we are proud of, and one that make us feel empowered, happy and peaceful. You can stand firm in your power and confident to make choices that make you feel like you are living what you meant to be here for; love, compassion, peace, wealth in all aspects of life, joy, etc… Those are things that make you feel good, and when you feel good on the inside you will glow on the outside. People will take notice and your life will change, I can guarantee that….

I take my blinders off so easily, will you? Take off those blinders, embrace that child within; teach that child how amazing he/she is and that their life is a story they create line by line, moment by moment. Live from the moment and don’t get caught up in “what will be” or “what has happened in the past”, truly these are all illusions that can really
impact your mind and body in ways that diminish your happiness. Instead, walk in your own grace and shed your brightest light in a most powerful way. Living with crystal clear clarity it amazing! It will be refreshing, rejuvenating, and gives a journey that eloquently directs you on a path of fulfilling your dreams, goals, and deepest aspirations.

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