The Time has come….

It feels like a million years since I have been on by blog. To my devoted followers my apologies as I was on a mission to finish my book. Finally my labor of love is done and published. “My Eyes are Open” telling the story of my spiritual journey; a road well traveled with fear, courage, determination, awakening, self-love, compassion, aha moments in realizing my authenticity, and enlightenment.

I found it so empowering to get to know who I am all over again as if I never experienced it before, but this time through new perspectives and perceptions that dramatically changed the program of my limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and insecurities. The difference is now I look with my “eyes open”. From this more “Awakened” and “Conscious” perspective see that life takes on new meaning, and throughout the book I elude to my many new ideas and strategies that have help to light the way from a road of almost darkness to a road of light, love and peace within. I am blessed to share what I have come to understand about myself and about the world around me. Because now I have pressed the reset button, changed the channel and opened up a world of new opportunity.

Should you ever endeavor on opening up the world that lies deep within your heart I hope you to will come to see how Magnificent
Valuable an Impenetrable you really are…just because you are YOU!…/SK…/My-Eyes-Are-Open.aspx

my eyes are open

And so it is……………

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