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Walking the Tight Rope

May 19, 2015

Here I am just sitting outside relaxing when some amazing occurs…. I closely watch as a squirrel so agile as he quickly scurries across the electrical wire, ekkk…it reminds me of a tight rope. I hope the little fellow doesn’t fall off.  Wow, he did it… so easy and effortless. He does not appear to be concerned about falling off, in fact he just went about his business. Agility, I am sure comes easily to these amazing creatures, it is habitual and instinctual.

After witnessing this great feat I begin to daydream a bit. I am thinking about all the new changes I want to make in my life. I feel as if I am transforming in so many ways.  How could so many things all be going on at the same time?  Should I be concerned? Maybe I should be, but for some reasons I am not. Could I finally have reached a point in my life that I am ok with what happens and with my decisions thus far? I am tired to wasting my precious energy on trying to control everything, I have come to understand it is not my job to make everything go according to a plan. What is the plan anyway?  It is my plan?  The divine plan? Someone else’s plan? It doesn’t really matter. Life is not about controlling everything around you I have found, it’s about being in a place where you are responsible for “your” actions, words and thoughts and making decisions that align with your deepest truths. That is a mouthful of words but it is filled with enormous wisdom. A wisdom which we all have within us.

I am approaching things from a calmer perspective. I finding my life is much peaceful. I never really thought like this, so I can’t help but question myself, Janet are you giving up? My answer is firmly “NO”. Well, then what the heck made you change?  I believe is emanating from a variety of life experiences. It has taken me 55 years to feel this way and that’s ok with me.  Has your life offered new ways for you to realize things that help shift in some way? Have you transformed your mindset with new perspectives and perceptions? I bet it has if you really took the time to think about it.

Just like the squirrel scurrying along with a sense of ease and instinct we too can live our lives with ease just by listening to our intuitive nature and following the flow even during the many challenging “tights ropes” we encounter.

The Time has come….

March 5, 2015

It feels like a million years since I have been on by blog. To my devoted followers my apologies as I was on a mission to finish my book. Finally my labor of love is done and published. “My Eyes are Open” telling the story of my spiritual journey; a road well traveled with fear, courage, determination, awakening, self-love, compassion, aha moments in realizing my authenticity, and enlightenment.

I found it so empowering to get to know who I am all over again as if I never experienced it before, but this time through new perspectives and perceptions that dramatically changed the program of my limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and insecurities. The difference is now I look with my “eyes open”. From this more “Awakened” and “Conscious” perspective see that life takes on new meaning, and throughout the book I elude to my many new ideas and strategies that have help to light the way from a road of almost darkness to a road of light, love and peace within. I am blessed to share what I have come to understand about myself and about the world around me. Because now I have pressed the reset button, changed the channel and opened up a world of new opportunity.

Should you ever endeavor on opening up the world that lies deep within your heart I hope you to will come to see how Magnificent
Valuable an Impenetrable you really are…just because you are YOU!…/SK…/My-Eyes-Are-Open.aspx

my eyes are open

And so it is……………